It’s what we stand for

Through our parent company, North East Plant, who are one of the UK’s leading Landfill Engineering companies, with over 30 years of landfill engineering experience, we are well placed to undertake designs, management and construction of new containment, Construction Quality Assurance (CQA), leachate treatment, site restoration and landfill gas extraction and utilisation infrastructure projects.

Our dedicated Landfill Engineering Team routinely undertakes the design, tendering, supervision, contract management and validation of all aspects of landfill development at sites across the UK.

Environmental sustainability is about reducing our impact wherever possible and taking sole responsibility for our actions. By creating robust Site Waste Management Plans, we maximise the amount of materials that can be reclaimed and recycled, to minimise landfill waste. In fact, we only send inert waste to landfill.

Through ourselves and our parent company North East Plant you have a fully accountable, integrated partner who can take care of everything. A trusted team of professional advisors and on-the-ground specialists who understand the design, topography, ecology and sustainability challenges of each site.

Our multi-disciplinary approach facilitates the production of site condition reports, verification reports, permit surrender applications, provision of site management and technical competence (COTC/WAMITAB), waste classification and acceptance procedures, operating leachate management, landfill gas monitoring and management, aftercare design and management of site restoration works


  • Ensuring minimum waste and optimal re-use /recycling of existing assets
  • Minimising energy efficiency in construction and measure and minimise carbon emissions
  • Considering the whole lifecycle cost of carbon
  • Maintaining Planet Mark Accreditation and reducing CO2 emissions by at least 5% per annum
  • Minimising potable water use during construction and considering operational water use in the final product
  • Conserving the natural biodiversity of the sites we work
  • Minimising the use of natural raw materials
  • Using responsibly sourced and non-toxic material


Landfill remediation

Our team are experienced in providing remediation and civil engineering services to a wide variety of landfill sites. We have constructed several hazardous and non-hazardous landfill cells and installed drainage and leachate pipework as well as clay liners and gas protection systems. In addition, we have constructed the necessary civil engineering infrastructure including roadways, car parks, weighbridges, wheel wash facilities as well as office foundations.

The many and varied challenges that you may encounter on modern landfill facilities mean that the experience and expertise of the personnel at North East Plant, Urban Remediation, and our Partners are essential our track record of success and future growth.


Landfill Aftercare and Gas Extraction

Alongside one of our partners at Allium Energy we design and manages the closure and restoration of former industrial land including landfill sites, working closely with the environment agency to implement both agricultural and non-agricultural restoration schemes. Schemes are designed for sustainability and ecology, but also mindful to future revenue generation to assist with aftercare viability. Examples being energy cropping and woodland planting.
Allium has a power division which has expertise in landfill gas field balancing, gas maximisation, generation, private wire and PPA sales and gas field tailing. In many instances we manage gas fields once the larger providers have deemed the gas generation insufficient for their commercial models.

There is over 30 years of landfill experience and the in house operational experience across all aspects of landfill, restoration and aftercare.